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Security .......'and piece of mind'

Unfortunately, IN THE PAST, email accounts associated with our website (ie not our customer's email accounts) have been abused by SPAMers.

Hence to avoid this pointless unwanted traffic, we have resorted to forms on the web page to collect data which is passed through SPAM filtering logic. Therefore we ask that when filling out the forms on our website, we would appreciate if you could please observe the following restrictions.

1) Please only enter in 1 name in the name field

2) Please only enter in 1 email address in the email field

3) Please do NOT enter in any web addresses into ANY fields on these forms (eg http://www.awebsite.com)

4) Please do NOT enter any email addresses in the subject field

5) If you need to enter an email address in the message field, please replace the "@" character with a "*" character.

eg     joe.bloggs@somedomain.com    would be entered in as       joe.bloggs*somedomain.com

Other screening logic will be applied to the fields, so if your request is rejected, please try again.

Also ... please checkout the follow FAQ link !

We really apologise for the inconvenience this may cause our customers !!!

All email accounts entered by customers are only used by employees of the website. We DO NOT pass on your email account  (or any other information included in the forms) to any another person or organisation.

No auto replies are sent to any email addresses you enter in on this website...... so SPAMers .... you are wasting your time if you think you can use this website to forward on your useless and pointless tat to other people.

In addition our website has been kept as simple as possible. You will NOT find any ActiveX, Scripts or logic that downloads or retrieves data from your PC. This will allow you pure 100% trouble free, and secure browsing with no unexpected side effects !!!

For the more technical users out there, the data entered into any forms on this web site will NOT be stored in ANY database, but will result in a email to an externally hosted account. Hence if the website is compromised, there is NO historical data on the site.

However,  if you do observe any issues associated with this website, or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Admin at the link below. We are here to help !!!

Many thanks,


PS Our aim is to make this web site easy, and as safe as possible to use for both YOU, and us.

Last updated  28/04/2013 :  Contact Admin