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          Let the experts guide you round Beijing !!!

Beijing, steeped in a rich history spanning many centuries boasts some of the most amazing sites. It is nothing short of a sightseer's paradise !!

The Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China & Tiananmen Square are all great sights to see, and all can be seen while you are in Beijing .... plus many more.

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(Also personal tour guide of choice to ALS patients from Holland)

Each site is wrapped in a trail of history, in many cases spanning back centuries, as is the case of the Forbidden City. t

t So called as it was closed off to commoners for 500 years, and was the home of the Emperors of China. The Forbidden City is said to have 9999 rooms.

9 being significant, as 9 is the largest single digit, a feature that is relevant to many items in Beijing. Examples of these are the 9 x 9 golden studs on the entrance doors into official sites  u
t .. plus the 17 arched bridge in the Summer Palace. The middle arch is the 9th and of course it is the largest. Also the hours the Emperor must fast before praying at the temple of heaven 72 hours (8 x 9). The Chinese consider the number 8 as lucky, plus the colour red. Yellow represents wealth.

The Great Wall of China

 t The Great Wall at Samatia  u

Most of the wall here is in its original form, and is not reconstructed like some other sites.

How to see Beijing

Just to look at the sights in Beijing is an enjoyment in itself. However you get so much more when you start to understand the history behind it, plus some of the reasonings why something was built in a certain manner. For example the moat running through the Forbidden city was put there for a purpose. Fengshui says your home must idealy face south, there must be water in front of you, and a hill behind you. The moat represents the water, as for a hill, there was no hill on the north side of the Forbidden city. That was quickly rectified for the Emporer, as they built one, Jingsang park.

The best way to enjoy Beijing is to have your own personal guide show you the sites. This is where I, Mary Yin am able to help.

Mary Yin                                 

Mary at Drum Tower

 t  I am a a fully qualified professional tour guide, as certified by the Beijing Tourism Authority (BTA).

I have over 7 years experience in showing people of all nationalities around Beijing, and arranging excursions to the surrounding areas, the most popular being The Great Wall of China.

My unique knowledge of the city allows me to provide my customers with an exclusive service that gives them an insight into the history behind all the sites, which has been greatly appreciated by my customers.

I am also able to advise customers before they travel what are the best sites to visit given their constraints (eg limited time, budget, physical mobility [including wheel chair access] ).

I offer a personal service. Itineraries are not fixed, you the customer decide what you want ..... but of course I am always on hand to help and advise how to get the best from your trip to Beijing.

I am able to provide a tour guide service for groups of people, or on a one to one basis if this is required.

 t  I am presently privileged to be able to guide the ALS patients from Holland, who visit China for special treatment. This treatment is only available from China. It gives me great pleasure to guide these people round Beijing.

To book me as your personal guide, please click Here. You can book individual days, or block book days. What ever suits your plan.

If you have any queries about my service, or would like advise on what to see, hotels to book, how to get round Beijing, advance bookings to attractions... any general queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are here to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible !!

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Map of Beijing with selectable points of interest. (not fully finished)

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